About Us

So it all started with some horse crazy friends...

Trinity Stables began as a dream. Friends talking about working for themselves with the animals they loved so much. After many years of talking and dreaming, something wonderful happened. Tasha's husband found a hidden gem of a wonderful stable just off of hwy 85 in Gwinnett county. After only visiting the stable twice, these friends decided it was time to take a leap of faith. So on June 5th 2015 they opened Trinity Stables and began their adventure together. Trinity Stables offers its clients a fun, safe, family atmosphere where children and adults can learn the love and compassionate care for our beautiful friends, the horse. We have over 50 years in experience with horses and their riders. With hopes to create more horse lovers just like ourselves. Please feel free to contact us, or come out and take a look around. 

MOTTO: Creating More Horse People

Mrs.Jessica , Mrs.Tasha , Mr.Ronnie
Mrs.Tasha and Mr.Ronnie
Mrs.Jessica and Mrs.Tasha