Trinity Stables Horses Healing Hearts inc. (501c3)   AKA: TS3HI

 Trinity Stables presents "Horses Healing Hearts" our new non profit organization that is focused on bringing kids ages 3-18 who have experienced acute trauma in their lives to horses that will never emotionally hurt them. We believe that horses and people have a lot to learn from each other.

Winston Churchill said "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man" I could not agree more.     

We are booking sessions now.

ploease fill out the form below to set up a session,

or call or txt 

Mrs.Tasha at 404-713-8598

Mrs.Laney at 678-989-6138

to set up a visit or a session.

What is a session you ask? 

 We believe that being around horses allows people who have been harmed and have built a wall  around themselves to let that wall down and allow hope and happiness back in their lives.

Our sessions will begin with choosing the right equine companion for the client. We will then introduce the horse or pony to the client and start learning some basic care. Then we will move into an activity with the horse. Theses activities may be individual or in a group setting but have the same goal either way. Horses have an amazing way of showing one through a metaphorical way about themselves and parts of their lives.

We are new to this and there are many trials and errors that we are going to go through.  We will be looking for lots of volunteers from the community as this is going to a be a free of charge service we are going to offer to the community. 

Since this was written we have already started making changes to the stable. The fist change being dedicated days of the week for the outreach sessions. Wednesdays are just for sessions and volunteers. Saturdays are now called "Chores and Tours" day. we had hoped to start this back in April of 2020 but Covid-19 has changed our plans. We are doing chores and tours by appointment only at this time.

We will be looking for dedicated volunteers to help keep this ball rolling. 

In our fist year we had 100 sessions and that was last year 2019. This year we are hoping to see more like 500 sessions but we can not do that alone.

Covid-19 caused us to slow the program this year.  That said we will not hit that 500 session mark but we are still doing what we can within the bounds of safety

We need a village to help these kids and family's heal, learn to cope, and move on to being productive members of society.

Please fill out and submit the form below and we will be in touch asap to get you set up with a visit.