With experience in all disciplines of riding, Trinity stables offers students of all ages an opportunity to ride and connect with our beautiful friend the horse.

***Trinity stables offers no refund on pre purchased lessons***

We are currently accepting students for lessons!

At Trinity Stables, we teach Whole Horsemanship Lessons. These lessons are designed to help you prepare for your personal horsemanship journey. Or perhaps you are just looking for a place to spend time with our beautiful animals in a safe, family-friendly barn and taking time to relax. Whatever your aim, we are ready to meet your needs.

Here at Trinity Stables, we are not a competitive prep for shows barn. We supervise teaching for Western Saddle trail riding, obstacle coursework, and camping with horses throughout the year. We want to promote an atmosphere where horses are loved like family members, not use as equipment in a competition. We do have English Saddle for those who prefer not to ride Western Saddle.

We also do not hold lessons if the weather is not good. Examples of this would be freezing conditions, rain, sleet, and or snow. We do not ride under these conditions for the safety of the horses.

Our lessons are 1 hour long for $60 and include the following:
1st visit is meeting the horses and us and signing a release waiver then,

1) Catching your horse
2) Learning to tie the horse up, groom, and tack
3) Learning to ride for 30 min
4) Untacking the horse, grooming again after the ride
5) Returning the horse to where ever it was taken from

As the student learns and gets faster at getting the horse ready, they will be able to ride a little longer.

As students progress in their riding ability, we will start inviting them to come on trail rides, and the obstacle course days we attend, and possibly camping trips.If this sounds like the kind of horse world you want to be a part of, please contact us to set up either a visit or your first lesson.