trinity dream team

RONNIE GOODWIN: owner & facilities director

Gwinnett native Ronnie had horses as a kid with his father. They spent many weekends together at the stables. Ronnie and Tasha met while working at Kay’s Ponies.

After serving in the USMC, Ronnie continued his work with horses. He and Tasha worked for Thompson Training Center, showing and breeding Arabian horses. This lead to moving to South Carolina to Autumns Gate Farm, where Ronnie headed up the breeding center. While Tasha was the assistant trainer. They eventually returned to Georgia and just had personal horses for years before opening up their own facility in 2015, Trinity Stables.

Laura Raterman: volunteer coordinator

Laura is a life long horse person who has picked up the hard job of helping us to coordinate all of our volunteers. We are so excited to have her on board.

Leni schmidt: barn Manager & Beginners instructor

tasha pippen: director  &

horse whisperer 

Morning Superstar : CARRIE YEAGER

events & Parties manager:

Born in West Palm Beach, Florida, Leni was adopted. Growing up, she loved horses but only got to ride occasionally. Leni's favorite place in the world is Camp Toccoa, is where she learned to ride western and trail riding experience. At age 24, she rescued a pony, Westley, and it's been her calling to help horses ever since.
"I'm very passionate about helping others. I helped begin the outreach program with Horses Healing Hearts by donating my time to children who have experienced trauma or for whom regular therapy wasn't helping. I have done more than 200 sessions."

Tasha has been a horse girl since the age of 10 years old when she started working at a pony ride facility. This part time job created a love for horses that has never stopped. The pony ride job lead to a horseback teaching job which lead to a training job for a professions Arabian trainer. The list goes on over the years but the bottom line is that she has spent over 25 years in the horse world and is trying to create more horse people all the time. With the goal of creating good honest horse people.

She has also experienced hardships in her life that lead to her wanting to have an outreach for people who come from hard places.